Thursday, April 30, 2009

Gators Breakfast Club for Birthday Weekend as of May 30

Meetings of the Gators Breakfast Club with commence at 9 a.m. on the mornings of Saturday, June 6, and Sunday, June 7, at Denny's Restaurant, which is a short walk across the parking lot from Courtyard by Marriott.

We're doing this at Denny's rather than at the hotel because it's a better fit for a large group. Anyone who wants to start earlier can save us a table.

Classmates can come and go as they see fit. We'll be eating eggs, dishing out conversation and drinking in memories until 11 a.m. - maybe later!

This is not just for out-of-towners. All classmates are welcome to attend.

As of May 30, the following classmates plan to do breakfast together:

Saturday, June 6
1. Lois Batchen Birchall
2. Phil Billings
3. Tim Billings
4. Kathy Casper Faix
5. Ellie (Claitman) O’Day
6. Donna Fisher Wiley
7. Judy Gibson Brumfield
8. Ellen Lewis
9. Peggy Loughner Fisher
10. Kathie Mason Bolton
11. Alana Miltak Baranick
12. Becky Richard-Maley
13. Eileen Ruffner Baca
14. John Safran (maybe)
15. Linda Shoop
16. Jan Callanan, sister of Donna West Campbell, might show up too.

Sunday, June 7
1. Tim Billings
2. Mike Cima
3. Ellie (Claitman) O’Day
4. Jay Lehman
5. Ellen Lewis
6. Peggy Loughner Fisher
7. Kathie Mason Bolton
8. Alana Miltak Baranick
9. Becky Richard-Maley
10. Eileen Ruffner Baca
11. John Safran (maybe)
12. Linda Shoop

Anyone else who is interested can write to me (Alana Miltak Baranick) at or

We'll keep adding names to the lists as we get them.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Birthday Celebration Guest List as of May 31

As of May 31, 2009, the following members of Gateway Senior High School's Class of 1967 have made reservations to attend our 60th Birthday Celebration Weekend. Please note that this list will be expanded as often as reservations are received.

For the informal gathering that starts at 6 p.m. FRIDAY, JUNE 5, 2009, at D’Imperios:

1. Janet Aker Mazzotta
2. Howard Arbster
3. Hank Bach
4. Bob Beck
5. Patti Berrutti
6. Phil Billings
7. Tim Billings
8. Rick Boggess
9. Dot Borst Miller
10. Linda Carazzo Marino
11. Kathy Casper Faix
12. Roseann Castellano Barber
13. Linda Chatkin Chizmar
14. Caroline Chilcoat Vogel
15. Mike Cima
16. Ellie (Claitman) O'Day
17. Jack Cowell
18. Joyce Crispin Johnston
19. Sandy DeVirgilio Oravec
20. Judy Duffy Roman
21. Anita Essig Luffey
22. Donna Fisher Wiley
23. Bonnie Gardner Hillier
24. Judy Gibson Brumfield
25. Larry Gisi
26. Kathy Gossar McCormick
27. Mary Guzzo Myers
28. Ron Hagen
29. Dianne Ilgenfritz Brudney
30. Rick Johnston
31. John Kudravy
32. Tom Kunkle
33. Cheryl Lang Powell
34. Jay Lehman
35. Ellen Lewis
36. Peggy Loughner Fisher
37. Kathie Mason Bolton
38. Judy McCluskey Crookston
39. Jim McDonough
40. Bob McFetridge
41. Alana Miltak Baranick
42. Paula Nuchols Carrera
43. Tom O'Brien
44. Frank Ottavian
45. Becky Perich Zahn
46. Linda Pitlock O'Brien
47. David Reese
48. Becky Richard-Maley
49. Eileen Ruffner Baca
50. John Safran
51. Denise Thompson Matthews
52. Harold Troy
53. Artie Trunzo
54. Shirley Veazey Zito
55. Mark Waibel
56. Marti Wilkinson
57. Jack Williams
58. Mark Wojton

For our 60th Birthday Party on the evening of SATURDAY, JUNE 6, 2009, at Wooden Nickel:

1. Jim Anderson
2. Howard Arbster
3. Hank Bach
4. Lois Batchen Birchall
5. Bob Beck
6. Phil Billings
7. Tim Billings
8. Rick Boggess
9. Dot Borst Miller
10. Janet Bova Sieracki
11. Rosann Castellano Barber
12. Mike Cima
13. Ellie Claitman O'Day
14. Dana Comito Narey
15. Jack Cowell
16. Joyce Crispin Johnston
17. Christine Derr
18. Sandy DeVirgilio Oravec
19. Judy Duffy Roman
20. Bonnie Gardner Hillier
21. Judy Gibson Brumfield
22. Larry Gisi
23. Kathy Gossar McCormick
24. Christine Grey Davis
25. Ron Hagen
26. Dianne Ilgenfritz Brudney
27. Rick Johnston
28. John Kudravy
29. Tom Kunkle
30. Cheryl Lang Powell
31. Jay Lehman
32. Ellen Lewis
33. Peggy Loughner Fisher
34. Kathie Mason Bolton
35. Judy McCluskey Crookston
36. Jim McDonough
37. Alana Miltak Baranick
38. Paula Nuchols Carrera
39. Tom O'Brien
40. Becky Perich Zahn
41. Linda Pitlock O'Brien
42. David Reese
43. Becky Richard-Maley
44. Dave Robinson
45. Eileen Ruffner Baca
46. John Safran
47. Linda Shoop
48. Denise Thompson Matthews
49. Harold Troy
50. Artie Trunzo
51. Shirley Veazey Zito
52. Louis Junior Ventresco
53. Sam Viggiano
54. Mark Waibel
55. Marti Wilkinson
56. Jack Williams
57. Richard Wilson
58. Mark Wojton

And those are just the classmates who've made reservations so far. We're confident that other classmates will make their reservations soon.

Sam Viggiano will keep us updated on the status of the Saturday morning golf outing.

Alana Miltak Baranick (that would be me) will do the same for the Saturday and Sunday morning Breakfast Club.

Scroll down the page and read the Feb. 28, 2009, post for details on most of the weekend's activities.

Keep coming back to this blog for more info.