Thursday, April 30, 2009

Gators Breakfast Club for Birthday Weekend as of May 30

Meetings of the Gators Breakfast Club with commence at 9 a.m. on the mornings of Saturday, June 6, and Sunday, June 7, at Denny's Restaurant, which is a short walk across the parking lot from Courtyard by Marriott.

We're doing this at Denny's rather than at the hotel because it's a better fit for a large group. Anyone who wants to start earlier can save us a table.

Classmates can come and go as they see fit. We'll be eating eggs, dishing out conversation and drinking in memories until 11 a.m. - maybe later!

This is not just for out-of-towners. All classmates are welcome to attend.

As of May 30, the following classmates plan to do breakfast together:

Saturday, June 6
1. Lois Batchen Birchall
2. Phil Billings
3. Tim Billings
4. Kathy Casper Faix
5. Ellie (Claitman) O’Day
6. Donna Fisher Wiley
7. Judy Gibson Brumfield
8. Ellen Lewis
9. Peggy Loughner Fisher
10. Kathie Mason Bolton
11. Alana Miltak Baranick
12. Becky Richard-Maley
13. Eileen Ruffner Baca
14. John Safran (maybe)
15. Linda Shoop
16. Jan Callanan, sister of Donna West Campbell, might show up too.

Sunday, June 7
1. Tim Billings
2. Mike Cima
3. Ellie (Claitman) O’Day
4. Jay Lehman
5. Ellen Lewis
6. Peggy Loughner Fisher
7. Kathie Mason Bolton
8. Alana Miltak Baranick
9. Becky Richard-Maley
10. Eileen Ruffner Baca
11. John Safran (maybe)
12. Linda Shoop

Anyone else who is interested can write to me (Alana Miltak Baranick) at or

We'll keep adding names to the lists as we get them.

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Phil H. said...

I won't be able to see you all at the breakfast Saturday as I will be in the air at that time, trying to get to Monroeville.

Tim -- Enjoy being the TM (Token Male). Haha