Thursday, July 30, 2009

Gators have coffee at Monroeville Mall - Saturday July 25, 2009

After the breakfast at Eat 'n Park (see previous post), Dana Comito, Larry Gisi's family, and I met at Gloria Jean's Coffee Beans at Monroeville Mall.

It was a humorous hour-and-a-half visit. We had lots of fun scratching (and winning) lottery tickets.

If Larry's family hadn't been there (by chance) Ed (Janet's husband), Dana, and I would have been the only Gators to share coffee. Maybe we all have great karma.

It was an unbelievable accidental reunion with the Gisi's! That was the amazing discovery.

I had my Portavian, and Tawnie (Larry's wife) wanted to see a few pictures. Her Dad is such a happy, outgoing man. He went to an eyeglass store, but first asked us to stay until he returned.

We did some "scratchies", and Tawnie had to keep going back for more tickets that we had won!

Dana mentioned that she has been "all over" on business trips with her husband. However, she couldn't stay long.

I hadn't seen her for more than 42 years. We both attended St. Michael's -- along with Mike Cima, Artie Trunzo, Kathy Mason, Judy Gibson, Judy Miller, Mary Jane DiCecco, Mark Wojton, Mark Waibel, Ralph Jenko, John Safran, Anthony Fasano, and Freda Litzinger.

I was disappointed that Kathy and Freda just could not be in 2 places at the same time.

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