Sunday, June 30, 2013

Gators Class of 1967: Gone But Not Forgotten

Greetings, Gators!

If you try the link in the righthand sidebar for postings about our late classmates, you will be disappointed. At this time, it will take you to a generic page that won't work for you.

That's because I used to post obits for our classmates on my own website, which no longer exists. Sorry about that.

However, I do still have those photos and obits. It will take some time, but I plan to repost those obits and add more to this blog. If things go as they should, you will be able to find those obits listed as posts on the sidebar. Or you could find those postings by simply googling or binging the classmates' names.

I hope to eventually post obits for all our deceased classmates. And I'll be asking for more info - and possibly photos - from you.

I'll also be asking about classmates whose whereabouts are unknown or unconfirmed.

You can reach me at

Thanks for your patience and help.

- Alana Miltak Baranick

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