Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Donald Powers, 1949-2007

Donald Powers' tribute page has been posted on our "Gators: Gone but not forgotten" Web site.

Click the link in the sidebar on the righthand side of this blog page. Then click Donald's name on the list of Deceased Classmates.

The only photos from the yearbooks that I was sure were him were his class pictures. If you know of any other images of him from the Portavians or if you have any other pictures of him, please send copies to me. Instructions are at the end of his tribute page.

I haven't contacted his family yet. I took the obit info from the obit that was published in his local newspaper. It appears that he was married more than once, but I have nothing on that yet.

What can you add?

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Kori said...

I am Donald's biological daughter, Kori. It upsets me that this website paints such a wonderful picture. My "father" married my mother in 1972. He fathered 3 children with her, Donald, James, then myself. He left my mother when I was 1 year old for another woman. He was not an active role in my life. He intermittently pain child support to my mother while my mother stuggled to raise 3 children on her own and he was off with his wife Donna helping raise her 4 daughters. He returned into my life when I was 11, but only briefly. He was not by any means a role model in my life or someone that I could say that I loved.