Sunday, August 31, 2008

Alan Bennett, 1948-1996

Alan Bennett's tribute page has been posted on our "Gators: Gone but not forgotten" Web site.

Click the link in the sidebar on the righthand side of this blog page.

Then click Alan's name on the list of Deceased Classmates.

Keep in mind that this is a work in progress. I'm hoping to get more snapshots of Alan and more biographical information to fill the page out more.

Please send along your comments and stories about Alan by adding them as comments on this blog item or by sending them to me. Instructions are at the bottom of his tribute page.

Thanks, Gators!

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littlejewl said...

al was my dad. i am his oldest child.
he used to love going for walks in the woods and going fishing with his kids. he would take anybody that wanted to go he didn't care as long as he got to go.
he also loved to be in his garden and this was the biggest back yard that i have ever seen!
he would smoke his own bbq ribs in a smoker and make his own sauce for it.
every time i go fishing or my own son wants to go for walk in the woods i think of my dad and how he would have loved him. he would have another one of "his boys".
we all miss him and all like to go fishing and remember dad.and tell crazy stories and there were alot of goods time to be told.