Sunday, December 21, 2008

What ever happened to Walt Adams?

Does anyone have any idea of the whereabouts of our classmate Walt Adams?

If you don't have his exact address, we'd be delighted to get any info that can help us in our quest to find every member of the Gateway Class of '67.

Have you seen Walt in the last 41 years? Where? What were the circumstances?

In what part of Monroeville did he live while in high school?

What were his parents' names? Did he live with someone other than his parents?

Did he have brothers or sisters? Do you recall their names?

Do you recall hearing about the deaths of any members of his immediate family? If so, perhaps we can find an obituary that would indicate whether Walt is alive or dead or where he might have been at that time.

I really did not know Walt in high school. I'm sure some of you could tell stories that you think all of us have already heard. Some of us have not heard them. Please share them. Those stories may offer clues as to where to search to find him.

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Thanks for your help.

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