Saturday, February 7, 2009

Gator hunting: Picking up the trail.

Since the Gateway Senior High School Class of 1967's reunion committee started compiling a roster of classmates with contact information for our fabulous 40th Class Reunion of 2007, the list of "Missing" members has decreased significantly.

We can attribute this to a team of classmates using the power of the Internet, communicating with other '67 Gators and making phone calls.

Heck! We've even found the elusive Walt Adams!

On top of that, our roster has grown to include individuals who were longtime members of the class until moving away, dropping out or whatever by our senior year.

Yet we still have classmates whose whereabouts are unknown. Well, they're unknown to those of us who are trying to account for everyone - living or dead - on our class roster.

But maybe they're not unknown to you.

Or perhaps you have some morsel of information that can help us in our Gator-hunting quest.

Perhaps a missing Gator gal's name changed because she got married, entered a convent or became a Muslim.

The same sort of thing could happen to a Gator guy. In fact, it did in the case of Melvin Oliver whose faith change prompted a name change 30 years ago. Melvin is now Abdullah Mohammad.

If you know anything - including name changes, last known whereabouts, names of siblings or parents - about the following classmates who, as of this writing, have fallen off our radar, please leave a comment on this blog or contact us via email at or Here's a list of Gators we're still looking for:

  • Cecelia Howard

  • Milo Hunt

  • David Johnston

  • Janice Jones

  • Barbara Martin

  • Alan Silver

  • Anthony Stevens

  • Vicki Taylor
We have other classmates whom we believe we've found but whose addresses have not yet been confirmed. So we may come back to you with more names later.

If you hesitate to share information because you believe a classmate doesn't want to be informed of class activities or doesn't want the class as a whole to know how to reach him/her, we'll respect their privacy. We just want to know whether they're alive or dead and that they're okay.

Thanks for your help.

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