Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Gators' 60th Birthday Weekend photos and thoughts from Donna Fisher Wiley

Donna Fisher Wiley, the Gator gal in bright blue on the right, did the smart thing camera-wise. She handed her camera to someone else to preserve moments to remember from Gateway Class of 1967's 60th Birthday Celebration Weekend in Monroeville, Pa., June 5-7, 2009.

Here, whoever served as photographer, captured Eileen Ruffner Baca, immediately to Donna's right in the picture above, in a laugh-out-loud moment during the Friday night gathering at D'Imperios. Also laughing it up are Joyce Crispin Johnston, with her arm around Eileen, and Janet Bova Sieracki.

Donna, pictured above left with Wendy Cook Bair and above right with Marti Wilkinson at the Friday night kickoff to the reunion weekend, says: I haven't been in touch with any of my classmates since graduation.

After the 40th reunion emails, I was able to contact several of my close high school girlfriends through email and was excited to get to see them at the 60th birthday blast.

Pictured right are Kathy Casper Faix, Judy McCluskey Crookston and Donna at D'Imperios.

Donna added: I spent all my time with them and enjoyed every minute of it.

I would have loved to have seen Jerry Mason, Vicki Hollibaugh and Phyllis Furlow.

But my time with Kathy Casper and Eileen Ruffner will always be treasured.

Donna, who posed with Kathy, above, and Eileen, right, at the Gators Breakfast Club's Saturday morning meeting at Denny's Restaurant, also said: I was amazed at how the gals aged so beautifully and were as nice as they were in high school.

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