Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Sunday Breakfast Club

Fourteen classmates from Gateway's Class of '67 managed to make it to breakfast at Denny's Restaurant in Monroeville, Pa., on Sunday, June 7, 2009 - the morning after our collective 60th birthday party. Pictured above are (seated, from left) Dot Borst Miller, Ellie Claitman O'Day, Peggy Loughner Fisher and Alana Miltak Baranick; (standing, from left) Kathy Gossar McCormick, Mike Cima, Kathie Mason Bolton, Judy McCluskey Crookston (making rabbit ears above Peggy's head), Tim Billings (making rabbit ears above Judy's head), Becky Richards-Maley, Jay Lehman (head-and-shoulders above everyone), Linda Shoop (in green and white), Mark Waibel and Ellen Lewis.

Peggy's husband, Mike Fisher, Gateway Class of 1965, could be found lurking in the corners (as he is here, standing behind Ellie Claitman O'Day) and other places, ever ready to preserve pictorial memories of the weekend's activities.

Tim Billings, below, is ever ready to take off from his home in New Jersey to meet with classmates. Here we find him in a rare moment in which he isn't hugging one of us.

Mark Waibel and Linda Shoop, who looked way too fresh and bright-eyed for a morning after, were enjoying breakfast and connecting with fellow Gators, as were Kathy Gossar McCormick and Tim Billings whose faces are not visible in the background, when this snapshot was taken.

Here's a better view of Kathy Gossar McCormick (left) with Peggy Loughner Fisher (center) and Becky Richards-Maley, right.

PITCAIRN BLONDES: Becky Richards-Maley, a Pitcairn native and resident of Nevada, and Kathie Mason Bolton, who still lives in Pitcairn, share what appears to be a serious moment.

Much less serious were Peggy Loughner Fisher and Jay Lehman (above), Jay and Judy McCluskey Crookston (below) and the three of them in the remaining series of Gators Breakfast Club snapshots.

As the Gator gals lavished affection on Jay, our gun-toting Gator from Arkansas said, "This is heaven!"

Most of us can share that sentiment in evaluating the entire 60th Birthday Weekend. Kudos to the reunion committee.

We're looking forward to our next class gathering, which will likely be a picnic in the summer of 2010. Maybe at Kennywood!!! Mike Cima is our picnic coordinator.

Peggy and her Mike (Fisher) took a gazillion other pictures over the weekend, including some at the St. Michael Luncheon on Saturday. Peggy is putting together a DVD to music like the one she made of our 40th reunion, but it won't be ready for a few months.

The cost for the DVD is $15. She also will take orders for 8X10 class pictures from the Friday and Saturday night events, also at $15 apiece. Place orders by contacting Peggy. When ordering the class pictures, specify whether you want the Friday picture, the Saturday picture or both.

If you'd like to post class-related messages or photos on this blog, please contact Alana Miltak Baranick at alana.miltak.baranick@gmail.com.

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