Monday, June 8, 2009

But wait! There's more!

And yet another bunch of pictures from the June 5, 2009, Friday-night gathering of Gateway's Class of '67 at D'Imperios in Wilkins Township.

Roseann Castellano Barber and her husband, left, traveled from Indiana for the weekend of 60th birthday events. Behind them is one of the displays of pictures of Gators as younglings.

Joyce Crispin Johnston, left, and Rick Johnston, below - the only pair of married classmates who attended the festivities - flew in from Florida.

Paul Krusey and Bruce Kraynack.

Jay Lehman, who traveled from Arkansas, and Ron Hagen, who came from Florida.

GATOR GALS SWAPPING STORIES: Donna Fisher Wiley, Janet Bova Sieracki and Kathy Casper Faix.

Patti Berrutti and Caroline Chilcoat Vogel.

More Faces: Jay Williams, Janet Aker Mazzotta, Shirley Veazey Zito, Phil Billings (who rode his motorbike from Minneapolis to Monroeville), Wendy Cook Bair, Denise Thompson Matthews, and Dianne Ilgenfritz Brudney.

We're just getting started. Next: The Saturday morning meeting of the Gators Breakfast Club.

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