Monday, August 11, 2008

Jim Butler, 1949-2008

Jim Butler's tribute page has been posted on our "Gators: Gone but not forgotten" Web site.

Click the link in the sidebar on the righthand side of this blog page. Then click Jim's name on the list of Deceased Classmates.

At this time, the page includes the obituary that ran in Jim's local newspaper, several yearbook pictues and a comment from Jay Lehman.

Please share your memories of Jim with us by adding a comment to this blog item or by sending it to me. We'll keep adding comments, information and photos - from classmates, family and friends - as we get them.

Thanks for your help.
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Janice said...

Looking at the tribute page to Jim, I rememebred what a great sense of humor he and. . . and thinking a bit more abut him. . .I remember other qualities that one might only apprecaite in restrospect. At the time, in the summer of 1965, Jim was the lifeguard at the Eastgate Swim Club, and thereby inherited the job of coaching our not-so-very-talented swim team. I couldn't swim anything but backstroke, since my racing dive left so much to be desired. But Jim made me feel like an Olympian. Being on that team was the one and only time in my life that I particpated in a competitive sport. Jim was my classmate and my peer--but during swimming practice in that little neighborhood pool, he might as well have been Michael Phelps' coach. I still recall Jim yelling, "Janice has the spirit." And if I didn't before--I did indeed have the spirit after I heard him cheer me on. He was a good guy, Jim Butler. I will remember him fondly. May he rest in peace. Janice (Bugos) Valverde

Alana Baranick said...

Thanks, Janice.

I've posted yours and Peggy Harcarik Freeman's comments on the tribute page.

There's plenty of room left for more comments, Gators. Hint, hint, hint!