Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Patricia Frohn Balash, 1949-2004

Patty Frohn's tribute page has been posted on our "Gators: Gone but not forgotten" Web site.

Click the link in the sidebar on the righthand side of this blog page. Then click Pat's name on the list of Deceased Classmates.

This time we lacked photos of Pat from the Portavian with the exception of her senior portrait (and underclass portraits that I didn't use). So I filled out the page with a couple of family photos provided by her daughter.

I was surprised to learn about Pat's taste in music. On her page, you'll find a link to a YouTube video of her favorite song. Be sure to check it out.

Please send along your comments and stories about Pat by adding them as comments on this blog item or by sending them to me. Instructions are at the bottom of her tribute page.


Marilee said...

I have very fond memories of Pat. She lived just a few houses down from me and we became friends. I always admired her grace and her intelligence. She also had a very strong sense of who she was and what she believed.

Pat got tickets (I don't know how!) to The Beatles concert when they came to Pittsburgh in 1964. She asked me to go with her - what an honor! I was such a Beatlemaniac at the time. It is a great memory of Pat that I will always remember.

The world is a sadder place without her.

Peggy (Loughner) Fisher said...

Thank you to Alana for the fantastic tribute to Pat. I too remember her for her grace and being reserve and in control of herself. I was touched my "her song".....this could have been made and sung today!! Oh how the world goes around!
Great tribute to a forever "67 GATOR!!!